Monster Hangover Patches/Sleeves 12 Enriched Vitamins (5 Sealed Patches).

Monster Hangover Patches/Sleeves 12 Enriched Vitamins (5 Sealed Patches).

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The Monster Hangover Patch is medically formulated to deliver 12 key booster vitamins to your system . Some nutrients are typically depleted during alcohol consumption. The Monster Hangover Patch replaces these key nutrients, thereby reducing your recovery time the day after your epic experience. The detoxification process for alcohol is enhanced and is proven in most people to shorten and or eliminate the after effects of drinking. All products, Approved by CE, ISO9001, FDA,  ISO13485 manufacturer, 21 CFR211.132 compliant.   3rd Party Certificate of Analysis Available upon request. arthuratmonsterhangoverpatchdotcom 



  • Transdermal Vitamin Delivery

    Transdermal delivery offers several benefits over oral delivery, including smooth, continuous drug delivery, increased bio-availability, and reduced drug-drug interactions. Patches can be easily applied by the individual, and they provide a visual cue that the medication or vitamins has been administered.  Place on an upper extremity before begining your epic experience.

  • All Natural Organic Ingredients

    Vitamin A 1mg Vitamin C 12mg Vitamin B12 1000mcg Vitamin B2 1.7mg Vitamin B3 19mg Vitamin B5 5mg Vitamin B6 2mg Folic Acid 4000 mcg Vitamin D 5mcg Vitamin E 10mg Vitamin B1 150mg Green Tea Extract 10mg Inactive Ingredients: Acrylic Copolymer Adhesive. The Patch does not contain latex. NO Odor, Water Proof, Gluten Free.